Korean chat app maker Kakao has been going places in terms of high usage numbers and its recent partnership with Daum. Its first major breakthrough since those turn of events just came out on Android: Kakao Lab.

The new app now allows Android users to test new features before they are added to an app. This gives users a chance to put their apps on a large-scale beta test to measure how they fare in popularity. To sign up, devs and users will need to register within KakaoTalk’s settings.

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According to an official press release, features such as keyword alerts (users set notification alerts they want and ignore) and a “move unread chatrooms to top” option are in a prototype phase. “Full implementation (of these features) will be based on user response”.

Kakao isn’t the only social app company that has this sort of programme; Twitter had a similar one called the “Twitter for Android Experiment programme”, while Facebook has a standalone app plan that allows beta apps to be launched within Facebook to measure user responses and traction.