Need to search while chatting? Users can now search directly from KakaoTalk’s chatroom

Daum Kakao Corp., provider of Korea’s number one messaging app KakaoTalk, today announced the official launch of #Search (pronounced ‘sharp search’) and Channel for KakaoTalk. #Search allows users to search and share information directly from the KakaoTalk chatroom, while Channel allows users to access and enjoy interest-based content from directly within the app.

The two new features are unprecedented additions for messenger or SNS services, and they take KakaoTalk a step closer to becoming a life platform that brings new connections and convenience to users’ everyday lives.

KakaoTalk #Search is a feature that allows users to search the web directly from the chatroom. Tapping on the new # icon located on the bottom right corner of the text input box transforms the text box into a search box. Users then enter search terms just as they would in any search engine, find the result they want, and share it with friends, all without leaving the chatroom.

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How does it work?

#Search is optimized for searching and sharing within a messenger chatroom. First of all, #Search eliminates the cumbersome search and sharing process required when using most contemporary messaging apps. For example, users no longer have to leave the chatroom and open and close multiple apps—only to return straight back to the chatroom they started from.

Second, all search results are clearly separated into category cards, enabling users to swipe across various results to find the result card of choice. For example, after searching Daum Kakao, users can swipe through cards to view results for related apps or services, photos, news articles, or blog posts and share that particular section with friends. The search results appear in an informative yet concise format so that it is just as easy to preview the results from the shared search message bubble, as it is to access additional information by clicking on the search link that leads to the main search page.

Users have very specific reasons for conducting mobile searches – to quickly find information and to share information with others. A large number of search queries are for information on latest trends, such as entertainers, latest movies, etc., that people reference in daily conversations. Or users might search for ‘trendy restaurant in Seoul’ after setting up a dinner appointment with friends. By understanding this underlying need for sharing on mobile, KakaoTalk has developed a search feature optimized for mobile and KakaoTalk.

KakaoTalk’s vision

Brandon Park, Head of the KakaoTalk team, said, “KakaoTalk has always emphasised the who and how in providing connections that offer greater value. As a result, KakaoTalk grew from a messenger to a mobile social platform connecting games, content and commerce.” He continued, “Our latest updates are a part of our strategy to now transform KakaoTalk into an everyday life platform that brings added convenience to our users’ everyday lives.”

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Along with the launch of KakaoTalk #Search, Daum Kakao also officially launched KakaoTalk Channel, a content hub for interest-based content including sports, fashion/beauty, videos, online comics and more. Channel is located on the third tab of KakaoTalk, previously occupied by the Search Friends feature, and allows users to enjoy and share a wide variety of fun content that’s updated several times a day. The Search Friends feature can now be found in the first tab for easier access.

Both the KakaoTalk #Search and Channel features are currently only available in Korea, for users on Android or iOS phones.

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