Simple design, large-scale user base. Image credit: Kakao

Simple design, large-scale user base. Image credit: Kakao

App-developing companies have embraced the concept of publishing their products onto established chat platforms. Among all of these, KakaoTalk is arguably one of the biggest and most well-known in the Asian region.

The South Korean company Kakao announced through its handy infographic that its messaging app-slash-social platform has reached a total of 500 million downloads. It also announced that the app has 145 million monthly active users and has delivered over 6.5 billion messages every day.

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Kakao also said that the app has become the greatest single source for driving mobile-game downloads from the App Store and Google Play Store. That’s not a stretch, as the company earns its revenue by taking a cut for each app installed onto a user’s phone via KakaoTalk.

More stats reveal that the company has 230 partners worldwide like CJ E&M, Nexon, Gamevil, and Gumi Inc. KakaoTalk also features 467 games, with most of them appearing on the top 10 of Google Play’s charts, thanks to its promotional efforts.

Don’t act too shocked if Line and WeChat reaches those numbers with their own fancy infographic in the future; having a game promoted and published on these chat app platforms equate to a win-win situation for developers and the platform owners. Developers get exposure and profit, while the platform owners get a small cut and more people on-board the chat app. Makes you wonder why messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype don’t adhere to this idea of being an all-encompassing app platform.

Check out the infographic below for the colourful version of the Korean company’s showboating.