For the first time, Korea-based mobile chat app KakaoTalk is now available to all Mac users globally. The firm also took the opportunity to launch ‘Search chat’, a feature that will be first made available on its desktop client on Windows.

As the Mac version is still in beta, the app will only be available in Korean and English. This is unlike its counterpart on Windows, which also supports Japanese.

An official statement noted that while the app supports basic messaging features like chat rooms, emoticons, and the ability to receive files of any format, more advanced features like the ability to send files will arrive later in the development and feedback cycle.

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Testing the Mac app

KakaoTalk’s newest feature ‘Search Chat’ will allow users to find sent and received messages according to keywords. In addition, all search is based on data cached on the desktop client for Windows. The feature will be available on KakaoTalk’s mobile apps later this year.

A spokesperson from KakaoTalk told e27 that the firm has recorded about 24 million downloads for its Windows edition, having passed 10 million in October 2013, just four months after its launch in June.

He or she also added that while Kakao has decided on a mobile-first strategy, it cannot neglect users on desktops. “… we believe that a desktop version would be helpful in enabling the smoothest and most convenient communication for our user,” said the spokesperson.

KakaoTalk is the latest chat app to launch on the Mac platform. Other predominantly mobile-based chat apps with a Mac desktop client include LINE, Viber, and Cubie.