Kamcord, an iOS SDK which allows users to record and share actual videos of their mobile game plays, has just announced that it has surpassed one billion recordings.

Backed by Y Combinator, the San Francisco-based startup also took the opportunity to share that it has received US$1 million in funding from Tencent and Kai-Fu Lee’s Innovation Works.

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Currently, the SDK is live in over 115 games on the iOS App Store. The team of nine shared that the additional funding received will steer them toward reaching their aim of hitting one billion gameplay videos in a single day. Previously, the startup received US$1.5 million in seed funding from Tencent, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and others soon after it graduated from Y Combinator’s summer 2012 session.

Case study – Deemedya

One of the 115 titles is a marque game by the name of Trial Xtreme 3, a multiplayer stunt biking game. Its creator Deemedya partnered up with Kamcord and saw 122,000 videos in July alone.

Every time someone watches a Kamcord video, they can click through to download the game from either the iOS App Store or Google Play store. In fact, the startup stated in the press release that it has seen users share over 300,000 videos over the entire lifetime of the game.

Doron Kagan, founder of Deemedya, shared that the SDK has helped the title receive “great exposure on key social media channels, [win] downloads and popularity.”

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Aside from that, Doron also added that some users even watch these videos to improve their riding skills and unlock new achievements.