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EMTEK and Ant Financial prepares DANA, Alipay implementation in Indonesia

The first step of Alipay implementation in Indonesia is by serving as payments platform in BBM 

The 8 ways to tell if your product needs a patent

Before you file for a patent, check whether one already exists for a similar product 

With new funding, Tiger Brokers paves path for Chinese to invest in overseas stock markets

Tiger Brokers provides real-time market quotes, streaming news feeds, stock investment tutorials and online stock trading services through an app named “Tiger Trade” 

The debate should not be between RazerPay and NETS, but how to encourage innovators to step up

We need to champion people who take risks and reward the indomitable spirit of taking action 

The challenge is how to get the attention of customers despite all the noise, AdMov CMO on advertising today

Bobby Cristuta of AdMov talks to us about AI in advertising and why they built their business atop ride-sharing 

Captain's Log, Sept. 21: Gaming company Razer developing mobile device; Google launches payments app Tez in India

With Google Tez, one can send money instantly to another user nearby without needing to share private details like their bank account or phone number 

US foodtech startup Sophie's Kitchen wins Startup SG's SLINGSHOT@SWITCH 2017

Sophie's Kitchen brings home a S$200,000 (US$147,000) grant and free workspace at JTC LaunchPads from SLINGSHOT@SWITCH 2017 

e27 discussions, if you could take a side-project full-time, what would it be?

Sure, you love your company, it's a fantastic product, but every now and then we fall victim to 'grass is greener' syndrome. What is yours? 

Google to buy part of HTC smartphone team -- namely the Pixel team -- for US$1.1B

As part of the agreement, Google will also receive a non-exclusive license to HTC's intellectual property (IP) 

Four ways Chinese product designers are different from US

For foreign startups looking to find Chinese product designers, they should first understand these differences before they scan job applicant’s skill sets