Khrisha Shah
CEO & Co-Founder at Dysco


I completed my B.A in Political Economy at UC Berkeley, and obtained an MSc. in Social Policy and Development from the LSE. I spent a year working in technology consulting at Accenture in London, primarily for clients within public services, media and communications. Eventually, I found her place in Mumbai, where my diverse interests and my passion for people coalesced to form Dysco, a professional networking platform and community, trying to bring creative and non-creative individuals, businesses, brands, and organisations together on a common platform.

My passions include reading about public policy, politics, development, technology, digital media, platforms, nature, culture and communities. I enjoy diving and travelling; my favourite city in the world is Tokyo and favourite country is probably Iceland, followed closely by the Maldives.


Co-Founder & CEO


Jun, 2016 ‑ Present

Business Analyst


May, 2015 ‑ Apr, 2016

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I'm based in

Mumbai, India