Kickstart Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philippines’s Globe Telecom, will manage Ayala Corporation‘s (AC) newly-launched US$150 million venture capital fund.

The Ayala Corporation Technology Innovation Venture (ACTIVE) Fund aims to support startups pursuing innovations along key technology areas in data and analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, fintech, automation, real estate, retail, transport, energy, water, health and wellness, and food.

Kickstart is responsible for seeking companies that offer innovative, scalable, sustainable solutions for the seamless integration of digital and traditional channels such as on-demand services, IoT, fitech, blockchain, e-commerce and omni-channel as well as the automation and augmentation applications for AI, ML, robotics, Big Data and analytics, and cloud computing.

Other target companies are those that provide green and inclusive technologies such as clean energy/energy storage/distributed energy, environmental tech/waste management; and smart technologies for homes, buildings, communities, property management, retail tech, and similar use cases.

The fund is looking at a range of investments in Series A to Series C or early- to mid-growth stage across four key investment themes —  ‘a frictionless future’, ‘from automation to augmentation’, ‘innovations in real estate’, and ‘a world of plenty’.

“While ACTIVE Fund will invest in tech companies not only in the Philippines but also abroad, our focus will be on systems and solutions, rather than pure technology,” said Minette Navarrete, President of Kickstart.

“Our investment themes reflect our perspective that technology and innovation are a means to positively influence the future we want to build rather than ends in themselves. By investing in solutions that can scale sustainably, and pairing equity with strategic support, we can put Ayala Corporation’s assets to work in a different way, forging a future that is frictionless, symbiotic, equitable, and boldly efficient,” she explained.

Kickstart was launched in 2012 to support the Philippine startup ecosystem and has so far made 39 investments in digital companies, supporting 83 founders across the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, Canada, and Israel.

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ACTIVE Fund will be its third and largest fund to date.

Kickstart investments include Mediacorp (Singapore), Anvil Publishing (Philippines), C88 (Indonesia), and (Philippines).

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu added: “Globe is animating its digital transformation via a corporate culture that is more entrepreneurial, more customer focused, and executing with speed and precision. We are engineering Globe to be more than a telco; it is now a platform upon which our business partners can grow, and individual consumers can depend on to provide access to the best digital lifestyle options. Corporate venture capital through Kickstart Ventures has been an important part of bringing more startup partnerships to Globe.”

Earlier, Ayala announced the creation of ACTIVE Fund which leverages the breadth of the Ayala conglomerate — Ayala Corporation and affiliates Globe Telecom, BPI, Ayala Land, AC Industrials, Manila Water, AC Energy, and AC Infrastructure, which are also leaders in their respective fields.

“We offer more firepower, greater access, and the potential for partnerships across multiple industries through this one fund. It is simpler for potential investees to navigate, and more collaborative for ourselves to operate,” said Ayala Corporation CFO Jose Teodoro Limcaoco.

Ayala Corporation Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala said: “The group continues to thrive and grow, and our business units are serving the needs of more Filipinos than ever before. At the same time, we are well aware that new technologies and business models are disrupting established industries globally: the pace of innovation is astounding. We are determined that Ayala Corporation will play a role in the transformation of industries – not as a bystander, but as an innovation catalyst.”