catlateral damage

We’ve always wondered what goes through the mind of our house cat when it runs around an enclosed area like your living room, climbing onto shelves and tables while unintentionally(?) knocking down your prized possessions. This Kickstarter project won’t be able to study the psyche of these adorable yet troublesome creatures, but will allow you to be in the paws of one.

Originating out of a game jam, Catlateral Damage is programmed by one Chris Chung. As we alluded, you control a black and white cat on a rampage as it knocks down as many objects onto the ground as possible to proceed to the next stage. The game is set as a first person action game, so you’ll see the world through the eyes and height of a regular cat.

You can jump, run, crouch, and swipe at things with your two paws. There’s going to be some RPG elements where upgrades will make your cat jump higher and knock heavier objects like a big-screen TV. The game itself will have procedurally-generated gameplay, meaning no two living rooms or mansions will look mapped out alike. And yes, you get to nap in a box to recharge before moving on to the next playground of destruction.

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The demo (playable on a browser right here) got a lot of attention from sites like Kotaku and Joystiq, to the point where it was Greenlit on the digital platform Steam after eight days.  As of right now, the game is fully funded and has reached past its goal of US$40,000. The game now has its sights on a number of stretch goals.

Going beyond US$56,000 will net it two new levels: a supermarket and a museum. Going past US$70,000 will give the game access to its Steam Workshop functionality for easy modding. Users will be able to get a PlayStation 4 version of the game if the stretch goals are reached past US$100,000. This version will be out in six months after the PC version.

Cat lovers and the internet will get to fulfill their ambitions of playing a first-person feline simulator later this November.