Kleii logoVietnam-based startup Kleii takes on iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox with their cloud storage and sharing service.

With the cloud computing industry expected to generate US$1.1 trillion annual business revenues by 2015, multiple cloud storage and sharing services are being created around the world, all vying to be the top service provider for consumers and enterprises. Western companies such as Dropbox and Box are pitched against their Asian counterparts such as Insync, which positions themselves as the Google Drive for power and business users, and iTwin, who claims to be the secure Dropbox.

Kleii, a Vietnam-based startup, has a huge vision. The cloud computing platform for storing, syncing and sharing data seems to merge the features of iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. Founded back in October 2011, the team of 11 is led by cofounders Nguyen Tuan Son and Yerlan Tasbulatov. Nguyen Tuan Son is a serial entrepreneur who has founded a few companies in the United Kingdom as well as Vietnam.

Kleii offers some really handy features. First of all, it allows you to store your data and documents on the cloud, very much like other online services such as Dropbox and Google Docs. Any file you upload to Kleii also instanly saves to your linked computers, phones and Kleii account. Secondly, Kleii media streaming allows you to securely store and sync your entire digital music collection to the cloud. The synced music and video can also be organized by artist, album, genre or your own playlist.

Perhaps the most important feature for Kleii is that it offers HTML5 web apps, where you can view and edit just about anything on the cloud. With the Kleii HTML5 web apps, instead of relying on local desktop applications for tasks, you can do your daily tasks within Kleii.  You can also open over 30 file types right in our application — including PDF, Excel, HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop — even if you don’t have the program installed on your computer.

Kleii comes with two gigabytes of free space. Unlike Dropbox which mostly requires you to actively invite your friends in order to get more storage spaces, Kleii takes a less painful and passive approach in rewarding extra storage for users. Each time anyone downloads your public file, you can earn extra free storage space. The more active you are on Kleii, the more storage you also stand to gain. Other means of getting the extra storage space of up to 50 gigabytes includes uploading your avatar and event updating everything you share on Kleii to Facebook.

Kleii has seen some amazing user adoption. As revealed on the Kleii blog, in just one month after their beta release, Kleii has 30 thousand monthly unique visitors with more than two thousand active users per day. That equates to more than a terabyte of data transferred per day.

Kleii dashboard

While the growth has been amazing, from a user’s perspective, the cost of shifting from one online storage to another might be too high to justify dropping existing online storages such as Dropbox or Google Drive. For a normal user with an average appetite for storage space, Dropbox and Google Drive might suffice. For heavy users, there are also players such as Box, which offers unlimited free storage space, as well as Insync.

Will Kleii be the online storage space alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive? It is still early to tell, as the Kleii public beta has only been available for over two months.

Featured Image Credits: Kleii