Image 1 - Daniel Chan (CEO of JANDI)

Toss Lab, the parent company of Korea-based enterprise communication software JANDI, announced today it raised US$2.5 million from Qualcomm through its venture investment group Qualcomm Ventures, and HnAP, in December.

This influx brings the total amount of pre-Series A convertible bonds raised to over US$4.5 million. In 2014, it raised about US$2 million from Softbank Ventures and Cherubic Ventures.

JANDI plans to use the funds to expand hiring in the developer, customer relations and account management teams. It also aims to establish itself in at least one Southeast Asian market such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand by the end of 2016.

Since its launch in May 2015, JANDI claims over 30,000 teams have adopted its platform and says it is experiencing a 40 per cent user base growth in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

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It serves a diverse group of customers ranging from tech and media (such as Ticketmonster, YelloMobile, and Mangoplate) to offline retail (such as The Booth, and Vatos Tacos).

Recently, it launched JANDI Connect, which will support integrations with GitHub, JIRA, Trello, and Google Calendar as well as a webhook (open API).

Finding the right market fit

With the deluge of enterprise communication platforms — including the US$2.8 billion valued Slack — in the market, how does JANDI plan to stand out?

“We focus on e-commerce, creative agencies (or marketing), and design firms that require collaboration works with third parties who are not familiar with IT tools like such as Slack,” said Harry Yeo, PR manager for Toss Lab, in an email correspondence with e27.

JANDI will also leverage on localisation to deliver a fluid user experience.

“We will localise our UI and UX in order to make our users feel comfortable when using JANDI. We will also set up local offices by hiring local teams to answer user and establish partnerships with local re-sellers to promote JANDI, if needed,” said Yeo.

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