Camp Mobile, a Korean app developer has just announced that its mobile app, Whoscall, which is designed to protect users from “smishing,” or SMS phishing, has passed the 10-million-mark in cumulative downloads in about 40 countries worldwide.

UPDATE: The app was originally made by Taiwanese developer Gogolook who was acquired by Korea-based web giant Naver.

The downloading of Whoscall is now active in about 40 countries, with the mobile app being selected as the Best App of the Year 2013 at Google Play in seven countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Having reached 5M downloads in December 2013, Whoscall achieved more than 100-percent growth within the last two months and has now passed the 10M download mark.

Whoscall, which unlike many Korean apps, has enjoyed popularity mainly overseas, is also now gaining more acceptance at home as the smishing problem is getting more serious among Korean mobile users.

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Whoscall is designed to allow users to check caller information before answering a call, as well as to protect users from spam, including via sms. By using phone number databases throughout the world (600M numbers tracked), Whoscall has become a must-have smartphone app for mobile users.

More about CampMobile: Making mobile users happier is their claim. “Camp Mobile” is a mobile-specific S/W company, which runs WhosCall, LineBand and DodolLauncher. WhosCall allows users to check caller information before answering a call, as well as to protect users from spam, including via sms. LineBand is a private social community for managing real-life relationships in a group setting, from classmates, co-workers, alumni, members of a hobby group to families, couples, and close buddies. DodolLauncher allows users to decorate the Android phone home screen and the background of app drawers, which contains the user’s apps, to create a more “customized” smartphone. Camp Mobile was a spin-off from NHN Corp. in March 2013. NHN is the operator of global messenger Line and Korean No.1 portal & search service Naver.

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