Korea's 5Rocks to tackle North American mobile market

Korean analytics company partners up with US-based MobileAppTracking site to provide better mobile marketing services

By Jonathan Toyad


Korean company 5Rocks is known for providing mobile game analytics since 2010. The company received US$2.3 million from Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain last year to set up shop in Japan. With 450 game developing clients all across Asia, which include gumi and SundayToz, the company plans to expand into unknown horizons, specifically in the United States.

5Rocks told e27 that it has partnered up with HasOffers, known for creating It will be the first time the company will be advancing in North America following its success in Asia regarding mobile app analytics.

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So what makes this tracking app and service different from the others? Its clients will not only be able to measure performance per advertising channel, but also per segment of each of these channels to determine user patterns. Developers will have an easier time creating and executing appropriate marketing campaigns when they spot differences between ad channels using 5Rocks’ services.

5Rocks CEO Changsu Lee said that its services will be better through this partnership on a global scale. “I believe that this is an excellent opportunity for our company to be introduced to many mobile game developers in the North American region and stand shoulder to shoulder with our global competitors.”

There is no word on what this partnership’s future will lead out to at this point in time. For now, 5Rocks will be one of the many successful Asian mobile-focussed companies to try their luck in the console-heavy and F2P-adverse American market. Good luck!

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    5Rocks South Korea 5Rocks provides business intelligence and data analysis for mobile game developers. Funding: Undisclosed Series A Investors: Nobutake Suzuki

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