Kudo has announced that digital kiosks will be installed in various locations inside Mal Ciputra. The digital kiosks will also be available in several universities and buildings across West Jakarta, like Ukrida, Untar, UBM, and Trisakti. Kudo just received seed funding from East Ventures to support the launch. Kudo is founded by Albert Lucius and Agung Nugroho.

The company offers capability for non-credit card owners to do online transaction. Consumers may easily use their cash to buy phone credit, ticketing, or online game voucher through the digital kiosk. It’s bridging the gap for the growing middle class that don’t possess credit card. As of this year, Indonesia’s Credit Card Association stated there are only around 16 million credit card holders in Indonesia, or less than 6%.

Albert Lucius, Kudo’s CEO, in the press release said, “This partnership is really beneficial to both parties. It allows us to tap into Citraland’s healthy mix of visitors who are young, price-sensitive, and receptive towards technology. At the same time, Kudo helps promote Citraland’s events and promotions through our network of kiosks installed at universities & office buildings surrounding the mall.”

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Young member of the community will be Kudo’s main target. The company said it spent most efforts on perfecting the interface to be very simple and intuitive for less savvy consumers.

Agung Nugroho, Kudo’s COO, added, “There are many middle-class customers who would enjoy the convenience of transacting online, but they haven’t done it yet because they are either afraid or don’t know how to do so. We believe we just the right solution to address this situation perfectly.

By the end of the year, Kudo will deploy 30 machines all across West Jakarta. Further, Kudo plans to put 500 kiosks in many places around Jabodetabek. To enable the growth, Kudo to partner with multiple chained business and local retail SMEs. Lucius stated, “Currently more than 80% of the transactions are straightforward cell-phone balance refills. Our customers really appreciate the convenience of having Kudo kiosks near where they work and live.”

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