Philippine-based tech startup accelerator Launchgarage has had a successful first batch, and its Mission 01 startups have been rather successful so far. The first batch of four Garageheads actually includes finalists from our recently-held Philippines Satellite: Apptivate, WorkInspire and co-winner Mylegalwhiz (plus Tripsiders).

For the second batch, Launchgarage is encouraging teams to pitch for the chance to participate in “5 months of awesome.” Participants get to “collaborate with other startups, and [connect] with a network of rockstars that will help you change the world.”

What Launchgarage is all about

  • Launchgarage is a five-month accelerator program in which teams are exposed to training programs and workshops designed to educate on various skills and philosophies. These include Lean Startup ideals and business principles, among others.
  • Participants get seed funding of US$30,000 for a 15 percent equity in their company, intended to be the startup’s operating capital during the five-month accelerator program or to expand their operations to meet major milestones.
  • Mentorship is also a big part of Launchgarage. Participants get access to the accelerator’s network of mentors, which includes veteran founders, industry analysts, tech business executives, angels, and venture capitalists both local and from around the world.
  • Participants also have “pitch days” where they get an opportunity to refine their pitches and pitch to a panel of VCs for advice or even to get interim funding.

Who is involved

Launchgarage is an initiative led by Jay Fajardo of Proudcloud and Startup Weekend Manila, Christian Besler of Kickstart and Mobile Mondays Manila, Minette Navarette of Kickstart and Globe, and Dan Siazon of Kickstart.

The second batch launches July 1, 2013 and runs through November 30, 2013. Interested? You can apply to be part of Mission 02 here and schedule a pitch session from May 1 to 31.