Singapore-based leading digital health startup Healint has hit its stride in the healthtech landscape. Last year, e27 reported that its app Migraine Buddy — available on both iOS and Android — which measures sleep, gait and migraines, has registered 150,000 users.

Now, in less than a span of one year, through an exponential growth rate, the app’s user numbers have ballooned to over 400,000 users, and it has logged over 2 million migraines — or 60 terabytes of migraine information — to date. It also claims to have twice as many as positive reviews as the WebMD app.

The positive growth has spurred the company to ramp up developments of new features, some of which were motivated by user feedback in its community forum.

Among the top-requested features that are being worked on is the expansion of the app’s ability to detect and accurately track headaches of the non-migraine nature.

Big data has also been another key driver behind the platform’s new tools. Through the accumulation of 24 billion minutes of sleep data, the Migraine Buddy has developed an automated sleep detection algorithm.

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So instead of having to depend on wearables such as FitBit to track sleep, Migraine Buddy is able to get a reliable estimate of user’s sleep times and consistency based on movements and usage patterns of their phone. Healint claims that this algorithm has helped to track over 20 million nights of sleep.

Another new feature is Migraine Buddy’s ability to predict when a user might be about to switch medications, based on factors including migraine frequency, intensity and the effectiveness of their current treatments — and even, a predictive element to detect whether their next medication will be effective.

Social add-ons are also being developed. CTO and co-founder of Healint, Ali Elgamal, says the app aims to build a community where migraine sufferers can connect to one another and discuss their issues.

Healint claims Migraine Buddy is used in over 134 countries — 60 per cent in the US, 20 per cent in Europe, 15 per cent in Japan and 5 per cent in other countries. It is exploring collaboration opportunities with major hospitals and universities in Singapore, US and Australia but says it will be selective about which projects will garner the most overall benefit.

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So far it will be sticking to its focus on migraines but will also look into other medical conditions as the business evolves.

Founded three years ago by veterans from the healthcare (Sanofi) and tech industries (IBM), the founders sought to create a platform to address lifestyle support and monitoring of patients’ diseases related to what they simplify as “Pain and Brain”.

Last year, Healint bagged a US$1 million seed funding in a round led by Wavermaker Pacific, with participation from Gree Ventures, NRF, Shinryoku and its angel network. This year, it is in talks to explore new investments, but it says would have to consider these deal carefully first as they would have to be aligned with Healint’s market focus and goals.

Disclosure: This article was produced by the e27 content marketing team, sponsored by Gree Ventures.