Japanese science communication and investment firm Leave A Nest is considering to build a startup hub in the Philippines that focusses on educating, accelerating, and investing in what it defines as “real tech” startups, according to a Dealstreet Asia report.

Leave A Nest President and CEO Yukihiro Maru said that he is “interested” in opening the startup hub in Metro Manila “next year”.

The hub will provide same services as the company’s branches in Singapore, Malaysia, US, and UK, which range from capacity building seminars, research and development, business development support, and revitalisation of local area.

Leave A Nest operates a JPY10 billion (US$90 million) real-tech fund through its seed acceleration programme Tech Planter. It has supported more than 70 startups in Japan since 2014.

“We are more focussed on deep science like biotech, agritech, and healthcare, not IT. This is our concept we call real tech,” Maru said.

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Leave A Nest is considering to build a hub in the Philippines as it works by partnering with local universities, training programmes, and companies in order to “understand the specific needs of a nation.”

“The problems I see so far that needs to be addressed in the Philippines are pollution, traffic jams, and healthcare. We see a lot of potential among young students in universities and we can connect them to major companies and build, procreate real tech from the Philippines. We can form JVs, invest in young talents,” Maru said.

Leave A Nest also hosted a series of startup competitions around the world through Tech Planter.

Its latest event in the Philippines saw the crowning of UBE-Tech as winner. The startup is working on a tech that allows the utilisation of purple yam for commercial use.

Image Credit: dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo