After a long journey that involved many counties, our TOP100 Fight Club participants are all organised and have begun the grueling training necessary for victory.

In order to shine a spotlight on the best 100 startups, the Echelon team traveled to 17 countries in two months. We covered seven verticals and partnered with community leaders and ecosystem expertise to curate the premiere companies.  

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We have start-ups from all different backgrounds and stages; from e-commerce to robotics, Seed stage to Series B, from Mongolia to Myanmar, you name it. The one thing in common is their passion in what they do and their thirst to prove themselves.

After fighting their way around all obstacles are proving themselves to be the best, this Echelon will witness the battle of the year.

These TOP100 fight club start-ups will pitch their innovative ideas to a prestigious panel of judges and investors. With 100 booths in TOP100 zone, they have an amazing opportunity to make themselves heard.

The victors will receive exciting prizes such as a Startup SG  grant and a fast-track pass to enter the [email protected] competition.

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With only 15 days before Echelon they are now training to be at their best to show the ecosystem their mission and vision.  

Get ready to rumble on June 28-29  at Singapore Expo to see the best pitching battle in Southeast Asia.