Save the gingerbread man from the scorching oven waiting for it at the end of the road. That’s the premise of LINE Cookie Run, a game that has been successful in Thailand and beyond.

According to Susie Ratanapuntha, a spokesperson with LINE Thailand, LINE Cookie Run has 13 million users in the Southeast Asian country. While she declined to disclose any information about the game’s monthly and daily active user numbers in the nation, she noted that 40 per cent of 33 million downloads globally can be attributed to Thailand.

Furthermore, Ratanapuntha shared that LINE Cookie Run is considered as the company’s most popular game in Thailand. The firm recently launched LINE Let’s Get Rich, which is only supported in two languages — English and Thai.

LINE Cookie Run’s popularity in Thailand isn’t limited to its presence online or on smartphone. For one, LINE had previously organised LINE Cookie Run Championship and LINE Cookie Run Tournament where gamers gather to see who amongst them would be crowned winner. 

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