Japanese chat app LINE has officially confirmed that it will bring flash sales to Taiwan, according to The Next Web.

The firm had previously launched such an event — which is basically online sales kept to a limited period of time — in Thailand, home to 24 million users of the platform. Taiwan, on the other hand, has 17 million users. Home country Japan is still the app’s biggest market with 50 million users.

LINE’s first flash sales event in Thailand was a resounding success, according to an infographic published by aCommerce. The country is definitely a hotbed for mobile commerce. Surprisingly, 42.6 per cent of all orders for the event had come from outside of Bangkok, Thailand.

The same article from TNW also noted that the company has engaged Taiwan-based e-commerce group Uitox to develop a mobile commerce platform.

The flash sales event, along with a number of consumer brands, will start this June 10.

In addition, LINE has tested the pop-up store concept in various Asian markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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