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[Update] : According to LINE’s Singapore PR representative, the game’s release date may be rescheduled due to tweaks and changes from the developer’s end. The story is modified to reflect said change. 

Much like KakaoTalk, LINE is serving as a platform for free-to-play games with a casual flair. The next title slated to be out in Southeast Asia is a Japanese puzzle game known as Disney Tsum Tsum, which may be scheduled for release next week due to tweaks and changes from the developer’s end.

Based on the stackable Tsum Tsum toys, players have to connect and clear off as many Disney Tsum Tsum characters as they can within one minute. More cleared Tsums mean higher score. You can collect a multitude of Tsums from various Disney and Pixar properties like Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear. Collected characters can level up, with each of them being able to benefit you in-game if they’re sufficiently powered up. Like all games on the platform, logging in with your LINE account will open up a bunch of social features like gifting and leaderboards.

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Why translate it in English in the first place? Well, the game has done well on LINE in Japan, as it has been downloaded more than 14 million times, and is usually at the first place in the free app spot. “Disney Tsum Tsum has quickly become a phenomenon in Japan,” said Walt Disney Japan’s President Paul Candland, “and we are very excited about the Japan-originated franchise now going global.”

“(The game) is both a physical product and a digital game, allowing our guests to enjoy a multi-dimensional experience. We are hopeful that the Disney Tsum Tsum franchise will be loved and enjoyed by our guests around the world,” he noted.

Really, you can’t go wrong with anything that looks this nauseatingly saccharine and full of plush. 

On a related note, LINE is open with the idea of having renowned developers like Square Enix and Bandai Namco publishing games onto their chat app platform, according to a statement made in this year’s Casual Connect Asia.