Not very long ago we featured, a tool that can help you learn the language you want while browsing the internet, via it Chrome extension. Today, it has announced launching its new web app.

The platform expands’s services to schools and other educational institutions that are looking to provide innovative edutech offerings for language students and bilingual learners attending school in a second language.

“’s web app extends our capabilities and allows us to bring language learning to educational institutions around the world,” explained CEO and Co-founder Dr Jan Ihmels.

“The web app enables schools to incorporate new, sophisticated technologies that reinforce language learning in a more effective way through real world content from the internet,” he added. released an Android app in early April this year. According to the Israel-based company, it has seen widespread adoption with 100,000 plus downloads in the first month. It has plans to launch an iOS app and expand support for additional languages by Fall (September) 2014.

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For the uninitiated, is a cloud-based language learning technology that provides learners with a free dictionary and learning platform to look up words in English, French, Spanish, Arabic or Hebrew. It also includes new gamification features, such as a words collected leader board and practice session tracker to reward power-users and encourage additional vocabulary searches.

The company has signed with the largest textbook maker in Israel, The Center for Educational Technology (CET). “’s unique web app complements our curriculum by offering diverse and stimulating language learning techniques for students in the classroom,” said Naomi Gorbatt, Head of the Language Arts and Literacy Department at CET.

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