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After hype, comes lull.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency were two of the widely-discussed topics of 2018. Both these industries caught the imagination of the public; while cryptocurrencies became a hysteria among individuals (despite a ban in some countries), blockchain became a rage among startups.

However, the hype began to die down towards the end of 2018. The value of prominent cryptocurrencies nosedived. As for blockchain, skeptics have their doubts about the efficacy, security and reliability of this technology.

Are crypto and blockchain done and dusted already, or are they here to stay long?

Experts are discussing the these two topics at Echelon 2019.

Panel: Blockchain and crypto: Is the hype over or can the industry overcome headwinds and skepctism?

Moderator: Ryan Chew, Managing Partner, Tribe Accelerator

Ryan Chew is a serial entrepreneur. He spent several years in the startup scene, having founded several startups ranging from gaming apps to utility apps, including Fixir.

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Chew is currently Managing Partner at Tribe Accelerator, a Singapore government-supported blockchain accelerator, championing to be a platform in driving collaboration and growth of the blockchain ecosystem. It aims to provide promising startups a hyperconnected platform to develop innovative solutions together with its network of global corporations, government agencies and top blockchain companies.

The accelerator is already mentoring a few cool blockchain startups, including Limestone Network and WhatsHalal.

Panelist: Shaun Djie, COO and Co-founder, DigixGlobal

Djie is a regular speaker at at blockchain-related topics and is also Lead Co-ordinator at Ethereum Singapore Meetup His startup Digix is a next-generation digital asset tokenisation platform, which turns physical assets (say gold) into tokens, and makes them fungible online through the Ethereum protocol.

Djie has several years of woking experience with various crypto and blockchain-related companies, including Kenetic, IMDA, and Tokocrypto.

Panelist: Michael Ou, CEO & Founder, CoolBitX

Michael Ou is a fintech entrepreneur passionate about blockchain security. Michael owns a 17 year-old banking security solution company, which was originally founded by his father, that helps 50-plus banks in 30-plus countries protect their users’ assets. With his family’s years of expertise in building display cards for Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay, Ou witnessed the growth of the traditional finance framework.

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When Ou first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, he foresaw similar evolutionary path for cryptocurrency’s infrastructure. Equipped with traditional banking security background along with passion and vision for the crypto and blockchain technology, he decided to start a company that fully focused on the efforts to help crypto space grow.

In 2014, Ou founded CoolBitX, a blockchain security company that offers a mobile hardware wallet, CoolWallet S. Combining the security of cold wallet, and the ease of use of hot wallet, VCs-backed CoolWallet S provides mainstream the highest standard wallet to manage their crypto assets.

Panelist: Xinshu Dong, CEO & Co-founder, Zilliqa

Dong is a computer security expert currently developing secure and scalable blockchain. He used to work on several other aspects of systems security as well, including defence against the threats to web applications, web browsers, mobile platforms, and cyber-physical systems (e.g., smart grid, transportation systems).

Zilliqa is a public blockchain designed to implement sharding (a type of database partitioning that separates very large databases the into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts called data shards) — allowing for linear scaling as the blockchain grows in size. It also promises to support smart contracts.

Panelist: Carylyne Chan, Global Head of Marketing, CoinMarketCap

Carylyne claims herself to be a proven executor, delivering product decisions and operational improvements in fast-paced, agile teams. She has built and launched products in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), payments and consumer space so far. Carylyne is an also an avid student of various AI and blockchain research.

She is currently working with CoinMarketCap, an online platform for crypto market cap ranking and charts. The platform analyses data to offer up-to-the minute updates.

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