Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201411:56

Panel: The Rapid Growth And Evolution of Southeast Asia’s Technology Ecosystem: How Different Countries Are Tackling The Challenges of Building Their Own Versions of Silicon Valley

Southeast Asia’s technology ecosystem has been on an upward trajectory. Governments have been waking up to the idea that the future of their economies will depend on disruptive and innovative companies. Local investors and corporate companies are more open to the idea of working with startups and have set up corporate venture funds, coworking spaces and various initiatives to work with startups. What strategies are various countries adopting and what are the key challenges ahead?

Newley Purnell (Moderator) – Reporter, Wall Street Journal; Jimmy Rim – Founder & CEO, K Cube Ventures; Antonio Ventura – Co-Founder & Director, ASTEPS; Cheryl Yeoh – CEO, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC); Martin Pasquer – Founder & Partner, Agence Tesla; and Casey Lau – Community Development Manager – SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. and Co-Founder, StartupsHK

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201411:10

Lots of question pouring in for the Bitcoin session. Most of the questions revolve around the security issues related to it and the acceptability of Bitcoin as a currency by governments and merchants.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201411:01

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies – Challenges And Possibilities For Startups underway. David Moskowitz (Moderator) – Founder, Coin Republic; Robert Hogan – Investor, aCommerce; Ron Hose – CEO, Coins.ph; Antony Lewis – Head of Business Development, itBit; Avish Bhama – CEO, Vaurum; and Tomas Forgac – Founder, Coinofsale.com on the panel

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201410:42

Alpesh Patel – Senior Dealmaker & Ministerial and Strategic Relationships, UKTI: Alpesh analyzed the big data of all the global companies UKTI brought to the UK. He revealed the 7 lesser known, or ‘secret’ traits of the businesses which do the best from raising finance to going global. “Research from UK Trade & Investment revealed that it is tough for 3D Printing, SaaS, eCommerce companies to raise money,” he says.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201410:32

Interesting titbit from the sidelines of Echelon 2014. “I have unlocked over 10,000 iPhones in Hanoi alone in Vietnam,” says Tuan Anh Do, Founder of Appota. Read his story here

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201409:57

Three Screw-Ups from a Serial Entrepreneur:
After nearly twenty years as an online entrepreneur, five companies and two acquisitions in both the San Francisco Bay Area and China, Stephen Wang – Co-Founder/Former CTO, Rotten Tomatoes and Alivenotdead.com, shares embarrassing tales of screwing-up badly, narrowly surviving, and finding unlikely success with tips on how to stay sane in the turbulent start-up environment.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201409:49

That summarises Ray Chan’s message to the audience. #Echelon2014 was trending on Twitter yesterday. Can we do it today too? Be the live journalist and do your live commentary to your followers from Ground Zero. Keep, #Echelon2014 tags flowing in.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201409:44

Ray Chan – Co-founder, 9GAG, opening up the Day 2 of Echelon 2014, leaving the audience in smiling much like the site is an Editor of. He retains the Editor position because it helps him decide what kind of people he wants to hire.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 11, 201409:33

Welcome to Day 2. House packed today too. “9GAG’s Secret Sauce To Millions Visitors And Billions Pageviews”. There’s no secret sauce, says Ray Chan – Co-Founder, 9GAG. Quotes Paul Graham of Y Combinator: “It’s better to make a few people happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy.”

Like Chan, Echelon too doesn’t have any secret sauce. It is our love and passion for the startup community. Being their voice and being their champions.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201418:18

A proud moment for all the winners — TaamKru, Ambi Climate, and iChef, along with the judges

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201418:12

Echelon 2014 Most Promising Startup Award goes to TaamKru

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201418:11

Ambi Climate — winner of Echelon 2014 People’s Choice Award

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201418:11

iChef is the Echelon 2014 Global Brain Award Winner

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201417:20

Buzzzzzz: Some more buzz from Twitter:

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201416:46

While you followed us through out the day with short quick notes. Here are a few links that you can follow for more detailed reports:

Eren Bali’s Udemy, hot chick of a marketplace
What is wrong with angel investors and accelerators?
comScore’s Joe Nguyen on the new trends in advertising

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201416:13

Mig33 of Steven Goh rebranded as MigMe. Announcement made at Echelon 2014

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201416:07

Echelon 2014 trending on Twitter. Here’s what the Tweeples have to say:

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201416:00

On the panel: (L-R) Akshay Garg – Co-Founder, Komli Media; Steven Goh – Co-Founder & CEO, mig33; Edgar Hardless – CEO, SingTel Innov8; Peng Tsin Ong – Partner, Monk’s Hill Ventures; Alex Lin – Head, Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd; & Vincent Lauria (Moderator) – Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

The question that stunned the panellists – receiving eventually 15 votes:

The panel’s answer: The colour of the skin does not matter. It does not matter if the person is local or not. What matters is if the startup irrespective of the founder’s race, culture… can come up with local solutions…

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201414:59

Not many people are on the internet in Southeast Asia, and that is an opportunity. Also, there are first time people on the mobile and first time mobile users — that again is an opportunity for the technology titans in the region. The challenge is how do you make content relevant to a market that is fragmented geographically, culturally and language.

Innovation still is missing in the region.
The panel discussion on: “Tech Titans in Southeast Asia: Opportunities/Challenges in The Region, From The Perspective of Global Technology Companies”
On the panel: Mohan Belani (Moderator) – Co-Founder & CEO, e27; Parin Mehta – Head of Strategic Partnerships, SE Asia, Google; Brad Peterson – VP & Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Intuit; Delilah Chan – Head of Sales for Singapore and Malaysia, Twitter; Stephen McNulty – Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Progress Software; & Kiran Raghavan – Head of PMD Market Development, APAC, Facebook

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201414:29

Panel discussion: “Are Business Leaders Ready For The Mobile Consumer?” underway
Scott Bales (Moderator) – Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur; Junde Yu – VP APAC, App Annie; Anthony Tan – Founder & Group CEO, GrabTaxi; Jean Claude Donato – Regional Director, APAC Mobile Head, eBay Inc; Edward Keonwoo Lee – Head of International Business, VCNC; & Do Tuan Anh – Founder & CEO, Appota

Some popular questions that the audience has for the panel:

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201414:15

It’s post lunch session, the conference hall is still packed. And so are the Workshop Enclosures and the Tech Alley and Startup Marketplace

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201414:14

Some hot numbers coming here from Junde Yu – VP APAC, App Annie

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201412:24

A peek into the future? Users sharing their experience from TechAlley & Startup Marketplace at Echelon

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201412:18

Challenges and opportunities for e-commerce in Southeast Asia

(L-R) Chua Kee Lock – Group President & CEO, Vertex Venture Holdings; Roger E. Egan III – Co-Founder & CEO, RedMart; Nguyen Hoa Binh – President & CEO, PeaceSoft Solutions Corporation; Alexis Horowitz-Burdick – Founder & CEO, Luxola; and Grace Clapham (Moderator) – Founder & CEO, Change Ventur.es

Some questions that the audience wants to know from the panel. Most popular question with 29 Votes:
Where does the local Singapore hawker sit in the future of e-commerce?

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201411:41

Some keypoints from Roger E. Egan III – Co-Founder & CEO, RedMart:
— Lines between logistics and e-commerce companies are blurring… same for retailers and manufacturers.
— E-commerce has potential to disrupt retail
— Urges entrepreneurs to disrupt, innovate and bring e-commerce to the future.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201411:31

“In the online media spends that amounts to US$26 billion, only 23% of the online dollars are spent on brand marketing and the rest 77% is spent on direct response marketing,” says, Joe Nguyen – Senior Vice President, APAC, comScore, Inc

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201411:17

Snapshots from the Tech Alley and Startup Marketplace at Echelon 2014. About 70 tech companies are participating in the show.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201410:48

Some key points from Jacob Mullins – CEO, Exitround

Make M&A comfortable for your team too… he stressed.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201410:29

Here’s what the Twitterati has to say about #Echelon2014

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201410:26

“A company giving away a large percentage of equity to the angel investor is very discouraging… A quick NO is better than a delayed YES,” says, Dave McClure – Founding Partner, 500 Startups.

Adds Khailee Ng – Venture Partner, 500 Startups, “Asking a lot of questions, listening to every detail and connecting the dots to add more value can help in building a good relationship with the startups.”

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201410:05

Internet with a desire to learn becomes hope… “Let anyone learn anything online,” is the vision of Udemy, says, Eren Bali – Co-Founder & Chairman, Udemy.

More views from his presentation and some growth ideas in the beginning:

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201409:45

VC investment more than doubled in Singapore in 2013, says, Edgar Hardless – CEO, SingTel Innov8. “It’s a great time to be in Southeast Asia. SingTel has started Innov8 Sparks, designed to help startups in the region,” he says.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201409:31

“We have grown from boys to men,” as organisers of Echelon, says Mohan Belani in his opening address, formally opening up Asia’s largest tech event.

Dhaleta Surender Kumar Jun 10, 201409:26

A full house: Over 2,000 people are expected to come over the two days Echelon. Already a full house, and on schedule. Here we go