It’s said that purchasing a new home is the biggest investment for the average Joe. It’s a major life decision is the source of both financial pressure and security. The prospect of owning a own home, a humble abode, if you will, is undeniably magical, uplifting and satisfactory.

What about the process of buying that home, though? For those of you who haven’t had the “pleasure”, be prepared for some headaches. Those who have bought a home understand the burdensome, nerve-racking and tedious process that is home-hunting.

Luckily, we live in the era of technology. There’s an app for everything and real estate discovery is not an exception. What is more, it’s one of the hottest topics as there is a tremendous amount of potential for development.

Below, you will find listed five reliable, reputed and tested apps in Singapore that would make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s dive in.

When it comes to real estate classification, this is one of the promising mobile apps. It’s based on a true-blue search engine which doesn’t rely on the common “pay-to-list” model. This means that the listings are classified based on their quality and not based on the fact that a broker has paid for a top spot. This is a unique way of curating properties and showcasing the best ones first.

The trust in the app was accredited and solidified with two key investments from the co-founder of Facebook and Sequoia. has quickly turned into one of the trusted sources of real-estate listings for people in Singapore. You can look for landed property, HDB or condos through comprehensive search filters, high-quality photos as well as interactive maps.

Users will also receive detailed information regarding the property of your desire. This includes commuting time to your workplace, floor size, proximity to key bus stations as well as supermarkets and all the other goodies.

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PropertyGuru is a mobile app which allows its users to receive current, accurate and needful updates as well as authentic information about different properties.

The app features fully-customisable search options allowing the users to take advantage of the criteria they find interesting (e.g. price per square foot, bedroom number, price range, etc.). There is also a very comprehensive agent directory where you can browse through different real estate experts.

Currently, their database holds more than 210,000 buildings in Singapore alone. Users can personalise the search and identify potential purchase options based on their closeness to desired MRT stations, type of the condo, its price and others of the kind.

The app also memorises favourite locations and connects users with agents by email, text message or phone, should you want to.

The app is developed with cross-platform access in mind, allowing users to take advantage of it throughout different devices, regardless of their operating systems.

Renn Property

Renn Property is a database which differentiates the properties into a few different categories. Users can search for residential, commercial, and industrial properties and there is a special section for new arrivals on the market.

Naturally, each section is divided in different sub-sections, allowing a more  narrow down the search. The mobile app development team behind the project had made sure to implement a sleek design that’s comprehensive and very straightforward. You can browse through the directories in a hassle-free and quick manner, being able to identify the properties as per a given criteria.

Another interesting part of the mobile app is that it has a rather rich resource section, giving actionable advice to people who are looking for a property or want to get it sold.


With more than 120,000 listings, this mobile app is a great alternative for people on-the-go who are looking for a new home. The app is quick, light and very easy to use. It also includes overseas listings.

Upon registration, users are granted access to both residential and commercial properties as well as some foreign locations.

Following in the footsteps of the leaders on the market, the app allows thorough customisation to the search, based on the district that you want to look for in a property.

Furthermore, there are comprehensive sections such as new launches, analytics, business spaces and HDB-specific sections and. STProperty has a rich database with a lot to offer.


This is a mobile app that is widely known throughout all of Southeast Asia. It has a tremendously extensive database of different types of real estate tied up with comprehensive and actionable property information. The app covers more than 40,000 buildings in Singapore alone.

An interesting feature is the mortgage calculator. It allows people to stay updated in terms of interest rates based on qualifying criteria and plan your potential loans, comparing them to the prices of the selected properties.

iProperty also allows users to favour listings, save them, store them and get further information. People can get in touch with local agents for additional information.

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So, regardless of whether the home-hunters want to swap your condo, purchase an upgrade, or look for a place to rent or buy, these apps will make life a whole lot easier.

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