LoveByte's version 2.0 on iOS knows your battery status

The new version comes with features such as partner status, shared calendar. Will they help couples be more understanding towards one another?

By Elaine Huang


Singapore-based couple app LoveByte today launched its brand new version 2.0 on the iOS App Store. The new version comes with features such as a revamped couple homepage, a partner status, a way to meet other users, and a shared calendar for the couple to remember future dates, events and tasks.

The most interesting of them all is definitely the ‘partner status’ feature, which indicates battery life, location and weather on the other partner’s smartphone. However, LoveByte will only update the aforementioned data points whenever the user enters the app.

In addition, LoveByte’s new ‘discover’ option allows some 700,000 users to make new friends, and share ideas, photos and other date-related resources within the app. This is unlike its competitors who have been touting the benefits of a private network.

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According to an official document, the Android version of the app is slated for release within the next few months.

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    LoveByte Singapore LoveByte is a mobile application that provides a private space for users to communicate and share precious moments. Funding: 240K Seed Investors: Crystal Horse Investment

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