The Luxe Nomad, a members-only luxury hotel booking site, has announced the launch of their partnership with DestinAsian, Asia’s premier luxury leisure travel magazine. The primary aim of this collaboration is to provide clients with a more wholesome and tailored booking experience.

The partnership will see DestinAsian magazine sharing selected travel feature stories and videos about destinations where The Luxe Nomad hotel partners are located. This editorial content will enrich the entire booking experience for The Luxe Nomad members.

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“Two questions always come to mind when traveling. Where to stay? And, what to do? With DestinAsian as our partner we can now answer the latter by sharing their exclusive content and tips,” said Stephanie Chai, Founder and CEO of

the luxe nomad

For DestinAsian, its readers will gain access to The Luxe Nomad’s exclusive deals via its official website. “There are literally thousands of hotels promoting themselves on the web these days and it can be a laborious task for our readers to edit and identify quality DestinAsian-style luxury accommodation that they enjoy. The Luxe Nomad’s carefully curated inventory of luxury hotels and villas simplifies the search process so we are delighted that our readers can now connect with The Luxe Nomad directly from DestinAsian,” said Greg Cornelius, DestinAsian’s General Manager.

This partnership is the first of its kind for both parties involved.

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