Australia-based Crowdsourcing marketplace DesignCrowd, which connects businesses to skilled designers from around the world, announced today that it has opened a new office in the Philippines to support the company’s rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region. The office is located in central Manila and will be responsible for providing regional sales and technical support to new and existing DesignCrowd users.

With DesignCrowd, designers can connect with businesses all around the world, taking on graphic design work such as logos, business cards, banner ads, product packaging, and more. Currently, the marketplace has over 170,000 designers registered around the world, who have earned a total of over US$15.3 million.

Being one of the top six countries that designers on the marketplace hail from, it is natural that DesignCrowd chose the Philippines as its Southeast Asia base of operations. This will make crowdsourcing more accessible to businesses and designers alike in the Philippines, and build up its status as a regional crowdsourcing hub.

Chris McNamara, Chief Operating Officer, DesignCrowd, noted that the time is right for DesignCrowd to expand into the Philippines. “We anticipate that our new Manila office will be a hub for DesignCrowd Customer Service, providing expert technical support to both, designers and customers in the region.”

“As crowdsourcing is becoming more widely used by businesses from all around the world, the Manila office is expected to double in size over the next 12 months. We are looking to fill the office with passionate and dedicated staff, that have experience in design and can serve our growing community well,” he added.

According to McNamara, another reason for DesignCrowd’s decision is the healthy, growing Filipino SME sector. Currently, small and medium sized enterprises account for 99 per cent of the total number of registered businesses in the Philippines, creating over 3.8 million jobs in 2011. “Crowdsourcing is a great way for small and medium sized businesses to gain access to a broad range of design talent, without having to spend the big money that traditional agencies charge,” he said.

Stephanie Soon, DesignCrowd’s Service Consultant in Manila shared that DesignCrowd will develop the local design community as well. “With such a large proportion of Filipino business being small and medium sized, we’re excited about growing the design community and making crowdsourcing even more accessible to a larger number of businesses in the Philippines,” she said.

Already, some of the top designers in the Philippines have earned over PHP796,000 (US$17,800) in just two years. On average, top Filipino designers on DesignCrowd can expect to earn over PHP34,000 (US$760) per month. The local support provided by DesignCrowd’s new Manila office will likely increase this amount, making crowdsourcing a viable livelihood for designers there.

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