It’s not so much a secret as it is a current way of life that everything is going mobile. Such is the case of one of China’s biggest microblogging services/Twitter substitute Sina Weibo as a majority of its daily active users are using it on their smartphones, tablets and phablets.

During a keynote speech for Mobile Asia Expo 2014 (via Wall Street Journal), Sina Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei stated that there’s a huge radical difference between PC and mobile internet users concerning the company’s site. Seventy per cent of the site’s daily users access the service using a mobile device, most likely due to mobile devices being accessible every hour of the day.

“Mobile internet impacts everything,” said Gaofei, “The PC change affects two hours of a person’s daily life but mobile and the internet changes that to 24 hours.” It makes sense, considering that in China, PCs are used mostly in home and study spaces, while phones and tablets are carried around everywhere.

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Despite these numbers, the company is working to have its traditional PC users to change up their ways. Gaofei said that he wants those users to not get confused when switching from PCs to mobile. He also believes that more than half of China’s total population is still not on mobile internet. “Third to fourth-tier cities are important for Weibo’s future growth as they account for 60 per cent of the country’s populace.”

In related news, Sina Weibo plans to launch 10 new games on its site before 2014 ends. Yes, the company, via its Weibo phone app, is following the trend of housing games on a platform within a platform like LINE and KakaoTalk. Plus, it also launched an open platform for third party game developers.