AngelHack Kuala Lumpur Spring 2014

Join us this spring for the largest Hackathon series, ever. Over 30 cities and 6,000 developers will join in to build stronger developer ecosystem around the world.

What makes AngelHack the best hackathon series on the planet?

– Developer bootcamps to teach development.
– 100’s of developers and designers at the event for you to work with.
– Incentives throughout the event to encourage teams helping one another.
– RM100,000s in sponsor prizes.
– Fun toys and games spread throughout the venue.
– Great food and lots of it.
– Coding through the night (with pillows).
– Top teams entering the HACKcelerator pre-accelerator program.
– Sponsor awards, breakout sessions, and post-event parties
– Mandatory Demos. Banning of slide decks. And code reviews to ensure winning teams are within the rules.

Grand Prize
– Acceptance into Spring 2014 HACKcelerator program

HACKcelerator is a global pre-accelerator program designed to help top hackathon teams turn their hacks into market ready products. If you win AngelHack you win our full support for whatever product you’d like to have us help you develop. You’re in. We’ll provide you the platform for connecting with amazing mentors and a series of events in Silicon Valley to connect with investors and media. This will be your shot at glory.

What should I build?

We want to see new projects that can wow the crowd and have the potential to improve peoples lives. Hacks that people would use, laugh at, and potentially scale.Have fun, try to finish in time, and show us an awesome demo!

Who should attend?

Junior developers looking to improve their skills, senior developers looking to jive with budding members of the community, designers of all skill-sets, and serious entrepreneurs that can add value to teams. Never built with a specific language before? Fear not, we’ll do our part to have teachers on hand throughout the hackathon to help you get going with these new and needed skills.

How is it judged?

We’re doing things a little different this time. Say goodbye to power-points. That’s right, no power-points whatsoever. To present at AngelHack you must DEMO. Period dot the end. And everyone who wants to win AngelHack will have to demo their product for at least 30 seconds. Projects will be judged on a combination of originality, technological difficulty, viability and usefulness. We want to see new ideas, ideas that are useful, ideas that solve big problems, ideas that could potentially make money and ideas that get people excited.

We will be filming and shooting photos at the event. By entering the venue you give your consent to have your image used.

Look forward to seeing you there!
– The AngelHack Team

Event details:

  • Start: Saturday, 21 June, 2014 10:00 a.m.
  • End: Saturday, 21 June, 2014 05:00 p.m.
  • Venue : Dome, Lvl 4, TM Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur
  • Country :Malaysia
  • Register here
  • Organizer : AngelHack KL


9:00AM: Doors Open to Attendees / Breakfast
10:30AM: Sponsor Talks and Team Pitches
12:00PM: Lunch / Hackathon begins
12:00PM – 4:00PM: Intro to Sponsor Tech/APIs/Platforms
6:00PM-10:00PM: Sponsor Breakout Sessions
8:00PM: Dinner / Hacking thought the night

8:00AM: Breakfast
12:00PM: Lunch
1:00PM: Hackathon Ends
2:00PM: Demos Begin / Demos only / No Slide Decks
5:00PM: Winners announced / Prizathon!
5:30PM: After-party / Networking