Hackademy is a biannual hackathon competition and social gathering founded by Gush Ventures, a company of Gushcloud. At Hackademy, between 300 to 400 participants congregate overnight to create cool and revolutionary web and mobile apps. These apps are scrutinized and rated by reputable tech entrepreneurs and celebrities from around the world. Winners go home with RM500,000+ worth of prizes and more! Hackademy caters to all: developers, designers, hairdressers, photographers, bakers, Flappy Bird winners and losers. The idea is simple: there is genius in all of us. Through our different experiences, our dissimilar creativity, and our impulse for curiosity, we all hold the potential to spark new, brilliant and innovative ideas.

Hackademy was created to stimulate participants’ imaginations! Let it also be noted, that ideas with a clear business or social sense will stand more chance to win. Winners will be given the chance to integrate into the Gush Ventures accelerator program. The teams chosen will receive free office space, capital, and expert mentorship to grow their prototypes into lean and profitable companies. There’s no catch here, we simply believe in the power of big ideas.

In the end, Hackademy serves a much larger purpose, to strengthen the tech startup ecosystem and drive innovation in our nation and later, the world.



Jason Lo, CEO, Tune Talk.

Nicholas Sagau T., Head of Product, Media Prima Digital.

Bala Pomaleh, CEO, Carat Media Services Malaysia.

Dinesh Nair, Director, Developer and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft.

Aaron Gill, Product & Technical Lead, MyTeksi.


Joshua Slayton, Co-Founder and CTO, AngelList.

Greg Gopman, AngelHack Founder.

Vincent Ha, Co-Founder and CEO, Gushcloud.



Ching Wei Lee, Founder and CEO, iMoney.

Raymond Hor Chee Hong, Investor, Questmark Capital Management.

Ahmad Kashfi Alwi (Ash), Head Digital Application Management, TM

Dusan Kvasnica, Country Manager, ESET

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