iMoney Group's CEO Ching Wei Lee

iMoney Group’s CEO Ching Wei Lee

Survey suggests that 80 per cent of Indonesian citizens tend to choose online credit card registration process to offline method. This facilitates Aturduit in offering its flagship features like Kartu Kredit Terbaik, Promo Kartu Kredit, Kredit Tanpa Agunan, Kredit Dengan Agunan, Asuransi Mobil, KPR, Kredit Mobil and many more.

In Indonesia, AturDuit’s most wanted feature is the Kredit Tanpa Aguna (KTA), followed by credit card. There’s no limitation in amount of money that customers may propose for the KTA, as AturDuit will forward the proposal to the bank. The bank will then be the one to determine the amount of money that an applicant may have.

AturDuit, which was previously named, officially entered Indonesia two years ago. iMoney Group, Kuala Lumpur-based AturDuit’s parent company, has been operating in four different countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Expansion and promotion in Indonesia

Currently, AturDuit consists of Indonesian professionals; this is fundamental to allow AturDuit’s products having the local characteristics and adopting the local lifestyle.

“We also recruit professionals to help our team, most of them having the educational and professional background as ex-bank staff, ex-financial company employees. The bottom line is that we do select the best in their field,” said Ching Wei Lee, CEO of iMoney Group.

Besides recruiting new employees and having a new office relocation, Aturduit also keeps adding more call centers, which has been managed by 30 employees so far. The call centre holds an important role as Aturduit’s direct representative to the customers.

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“As for the promotion, we intend on investing a big sum in 2015. During the first year or for the past 12 months here, we focussed on building our startup, fixing errors and adding beneficial features, because we didn’t want to launch a product if it was not ready to be consumed,” Lee added.

Local competition

Being one of the Malaysia-based fintech startups, Aturduit competes with other local players in the industry. What differentiates Aturduit from its fellow fintech startups, then? As Ching Wei Lee emphasised, Aturduit’s willingness to help people learn more about financial matters and facilitate them in getting the right products efficiently is the startup’s advantage over others.

“Our biggest challenge would be to make Aturduit adapt smoothly with everything that exists in Indonesia, starting from the traffic jams, bureaucracy, approach to the bank and other financial institutions and many others. That’s how Aturduit will evolve, adjusting to the existing situation. However, there are more and more people who need credit cards, KTA, and other financial products conveniently and in seconds at the same time,” Lee concluded.

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