Philippines’ boxing legend and senator Manny Pacquiao headlines the launch of Renegade Branding Concepts, a new startup that offers celebrity-endorsed product licensing and franchising for entrepreneurs.

The products offered covers the fields of beauty, fashion, health and wellness, home interiors, and food and beverage

Pacquiao leads a collection of local and international personalities who created their own brand of products and services for Renegade Branding Concepts.

The famous lineups include the design duo of supermodel Helena Christensen and Camilla Staerk; German-American model Liliana Nova; Brazilian-Japanese celebrity Daniel Matsunaga; Biking enthusiast Troy Montero, Society Icon and Eventologist Tim Yap; footballer Anton del Rosario; and Filipino-Bruneian models and influencers Sam Richelle and KC Del Rosario.

In partnership with Renegade Branding Concepts, Pacquiao is launching his own brand of gyms called HITT Boxing Studios that offers boxing-based workouts in a modern equipment structure including water-filled punching bags.

Pacquiao is also launching his own F&B concepts including his own coffee shop brand, Chicken Roast, and BBQ Roast stalls. He will also be unveiling his haberdashery and water refilling business that will be open to licensing and franchising.

In its official statement, Renegade Branding Concepts describes itself as the new startup that seeks to challenge traditional models of launching possible ventures by offering fully-realised licensing concepts. The partner celebrities and influencers are referred to as “renegades” who curate all licensing concepts.

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Renegade Branding Concepts was founded by branding magnate Robbie Antonio.

“The idea is to leverage the influence and popularity of our partner renegades to create marketable of business concepts that you can simply acquire and implement,” Antonio explains.

“While looking for the perfect business idea, you are confronted with the burden of creating a new concept that needs to stand out. Then, you will have to conduct heavy research on how to operate it, how to find the right suppliers and partners, and how to plan your finances. This is where Renegade Branding Concepts comes in,” Antonio added.

By acquiring a license, a customer gets a fully-realised business plan, as well as extensive assistance on the design of your business structure. The customer will then get a full operations plan, equipment plan, a profit and loss assessment, as well as an ROI roadmap with instant popularity and curiosity factor with it being curated by a popular renegade.

Antonio added that a business plan expansion to the rest of Asia and the world is underway.

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“We have seen that there is a great demand for celebrity-designed homes so we thought, why not harness the power of celebrity marketing to create business possibilities for people. We believe that by lending the power of our influencers, we can create marketable licensed concepts around the world,” Antonio closed.

Image by rcelis from Pixabay