LYKE CEO & Founder Bastian Purrer during the launch event

LYKE CEO & Founder Bastian Purrer during the launch event

Fashion fans might rejoice the launch of new fashion e-commerce app LYKE in Jakarta on Tuesday, February 16, which enables them to shop for products from various online shops without having to open their sites one-by-one.

LYKE is a mobile shopping app which showcases up to 100,000 products of leading local fashion e-commerce platforms, such as Berrybenka, Bobobobo, Local Brand, and smaller businesses who market their products through blogs or social media platforms. Users are able to ‘follow’ their favourite shops, get recommendations based on their preferences, and shop from different stores in just one platform.

“LYKE is proud to present a mobile-only concept that makes shopping easier, more convenient, and faster … It is a perfect partner for online sites and local fashion brands who would like to reach out out their customers via mobile,” said Bastian Purrer, CEO and Founder of LYKE, who left his MBA study at Harvard Business School to start the business.

In the future, LYKE plans to add new features that enable social interaction between users, such as sharing the fashion products or celebrity styles that they liked.

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Online shopping via mobile site or app is starting to gain traction in Indonesia, with companies such as Zalora claiming that the majority of their purchases during National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) happening on mobile site and app, citing it as a phenomenon that is unique to the market.

“Most fashion startups only focusses on maximising their service and the look of their sites, while young customers are often connected through their smartphone. This indicates that mobile apps have a greater potential to grow,” said Purrer, former CMO of Zalora.