While the future of gaming seems to be leaning towards virtual reality technology thanks to Oculus and Sony Computer Entertainment, other developers may need some more convincing. For a free-to-play juggernaut like World of Tanks creator Wargaming, huge hard numbers are required for it and its F2P kin to jump on board the VR train.

CEO Victor Kislyi said in a CVG interview that the Oculus Rift needs to have five to 10 million users to justify its viability to F2P developers. The reason it needs a huge customer base is because only a small number of people pay money for in-game and in-app purchases. “Seventy five per cent of our players will never, ever pay us a penny. For other games, this percentage can be even bigger, up to 90-95 per cent. For free-to-play, five or 10 million is a good user-base. So if Xbox One or Oculus reach those numbers, we’re there.” That said, he showed interest in the potential of the VR device.

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In related news, Kislyi shows interest in other technologies like the Google Glass and Steambox. “Whatever technology gives us a year, two years, five years from now, if it’s big, if it’s global, we’re going to be there.”

This may sound like a stretch, but those numbers seem reasonable for Oculus VR to reach since it’s now partnered with Facebook. If that pulls through, we can imagine 75 million registered World of Tanks players simulating the feel of being in a tank. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for tank buffs?