The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) today announced that five mobile app games will be released as part of the nation’s SG50 initiatives, in celebration of its 50th birthday.

Created by local game developers, the apps will centre around Singapore’s culture and history, its iconic personalities as well as unique traits of its people.

The initiative, spearheaded by MDA, attracted over 40 entries since the call for proposals in June last year. Part of the internal judging panel included Gumi Asia’s CEO David Ng and MDA’s Director of Industry Operations Mr Joachim Ng.

“Games reach out to a very diverse and wide reach of consumers and more and more people are appreciating playing games and being entertained by games. So if you want to reach out to both young, old and not so old, then games is one platform that is very universal,” Ng tells e27.

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Ng also told us that various other strategies to develop Singapore’s gaming industry is in the works.

The total amount channeled into this project by MDA was not disclosed, but according to an MDA spokesperson, the company funded the development cost in creation of the games, which includes manpower cost.

Was there pressure on the game developers to achieve certain projections? “We did not want to set an unreasonable and give our gaming companies undue pressure. Personally, I want to see these games as wildly played and shared as possible,” said Ng.

Singapore’s gaming and animation industry, which includes web and mobile media, contributed US $1.1 billion to the economy in 2010, and has seen significant growth and attention in recent years.

Singapore gaming company Garena was valued at US$1 billion in July 2014, while Nonstop Games was acquired for US$100 million by Candy Crush Saga developer King the next month.

The Economic Development Board also reports that the country has seen an influx of leading digital media companies such as Tecmo-Koei, Lucasfilm, Double Negative, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

With the great potential of the Singapore mobile gaming industry, is MDA aiming for these games to go viral and rack up millions of downloads?

Ng concludes that the emphasis here is not on KPIs but rather to have as many Singaporeans as possible enjoy high quality games.

The five games will be available for download free on Google Play and the App Store come July 1.

Here’s a byte-sized look at the games rolling out:


Building the Lion by Swag Soft

Users will get to build their own unique Singapore cityscape in 3D. Collect cards featuring caricatures of famous Singaporeans and play mini-games built around the country’s heritage, culture, and food.


KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga by Mojocat

The game was inspired by Singapore’s Kopitiam setting and captures Singaporean quirks revolving around everyday situations at the Kopitiam through a series of fast-paced arcade-style games.

my singapore

My Singapore City by Ixora Studios

A test of speed and memory, “My Singapore City” requires players to earn and build famous Singaporean landmarks, by matching as many tiles as fast as possible.


Rickshaw Rush by Mojo Forest

Players will have to race against time and ferry passengers to their destination on a rickshaw before they lose their patience. Meet and discover people along the way who have shaped Singapore’s history and culture, including the person who founded Singapore’s famous chili crab.

satay Club

Satay Club by Afzainizam Zahari

Relive the old days of “Satay Club”, a popular eating place located at Beach Road in the 1940s. Players will get to cook and sell satay to “customers,” and immerse in the charming atmosphere that had made the first Satay Club a popular eating destination in Singapore for more than half a century.