Southeast Asia is stepping up in the race for innovation. With thousands of startups globally looking to change the way people live and work, the region is actively improving its innovation ecosystems with the help of key players like governments, enterprises, and other organisations.

In January 2018, RISE and PTT Digital announced the launch of D-NEXT – a 12-week bootcamp to help startups innovate faster. Now, they have whittled down the hundreds of startups that applied into the top 15 qualified startups.

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Startups from all over the world applied and the 15 chosen were those that stood out based on several important factors. According to RISE Founder Dr. Supachai Kid Parchariyanon, the startups were chosen based on their scalability in Thailand and Southeast Asia, their stage in product development, and the possibility of being plugged in with the PTT Group.

Not your typical accelerator

“We are a growth accelerator in that we aim to really give them business,” Parchariyanon said. “We will bring them to all their potential clients in the country.”

The startups will undergo a 12-week bootcamp, where they will be able to do real prototyping. Apart from mentoring and workshops similar to a typical accelerator programme, D-NEXT startups would have access to RISE and PTT Digital corporate partners, regional media, and marketing opportunities.

“The startups chosen already have a strong product and has a market fit in Thailand and Southeast Asia so our goal is to help them test their product on their actual market so they could further develop it and get their first sale at the end of the programme,” Parchariyanon said.

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Since the goal of D-NEXT is to drive not only faster innovation but also long-term growth, startups who undergo the programme have the benefit of being connected to RISE’s network of growth-stage founders and mentors, as well as the network of alumni of all RISE programmes. “The network would help quite a lot to know how to navigate in the country and in the region,” Parchariyanon said.

Apart from that, D-NEXT can also provide space and assistance for startups who wish to stay and set up their business in Thailand beyond the 12-week programme.

With applications from startups coming from over 36 countries and 22 industries, D-NEXT has chosen the top 15 teams who will join the programme. Coming from 7 countries across 3 continents, these 15 startups are:

Barghest Building Performance (BBP)
BBP uses AI to existing climate control systems to help buildings and other structures optimise and reduce energy consumption of their climate control systems.

Classwin is an edtech startup that provides students with an online platform to access better education from teacher from different schools

EcoWorth is a waste solution startup specialising in transforming waste materials into reusable products. They commercialise a sustainable technology called Carbon Fibre Aerogel to treat wastewater.

EverComm uses IoT and machine learning technologies to identify hidden energy wastage and optimise equipment energy usage in real-time.

Glueck uses face recognition, demographics, and emotional analysis technology to extract insights for better advertisements and customer experience.

HelloGold is a startup that creates accessible gold products, building the world’s first Shariah compliant gold digital application for trading gold.

HitKey provides delivery of internet and financial services within any email, chat, or social application using keyboard applications.

NPCore provides governments, schools, financial institutions, and other enterprises with information security solutions and services.

OneWatt is a technology solutions company that created a non-invasive predictive industrial motor health management system. Their system uses sensors and machine learning algorithm to predict motor failures and prevent downtimes.

SalesCandy is an action-based Sales Performance and Lead Management System that automatically updates status of leads based on actions taken by salespeople.

Synaptik is a data management and analytics platform that automates workflow systems.

Stonelab is a platform for mobile management for maintenance and calibration of factory equipment.

TrackerHero is a workforce and security industries management suite solution that combines their proprietary handheld device and award-winning cloud-based system.

UpUpApp gamifies employee engagement through an app that also features real-time rewards for employees.

WisePass is a lifestyle subscription platform connecting venues with people, offering lifestyle products and services like meals, cinema tickets, and drinks from over 100 premium venues in Thailand and Vietnam.

As to what’s expected from the startups?

“We expect them to grow their business as fast as they can,” Parchariyanon said. “The goal is that they get their first cheque or first contract in Thailand at the end of the programme.”

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