Thailand-based software development company Computerlogy has today launched its Big Data solution TH3RE. The web-based service aims to help organisations better gather and analyse real-time data from social media and other websites.

According to a spokesperson from Computerlogy, the cost of using TH3RE varies from client to client, as each case is discussed separately.

Not only can firms monitor relevant keywords through the dashboard, these companies can also better understand sentiment on each channel. Sentiment analysis is more than just looking out for keywords such as brand names like ‘Computerlogy’, or specific industry trends like ‘Big Data’; the company’s algorithm can break down the sentence and analyse if it is positive or negative. However, its accuracy was not specified.

This announcement comes after the startup’s launch of, a trend-tracking web service for brands and other pages in Thailand and Vietnam.

The InVent-backed company will be exhibiting at Booth B11 at adtech ASEAN 2014 in Singapore this July 8 and 9.

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