We went to the mecca of shopping and great Cantonese food in 2011. And then we gave Hong Kong a miss last year. And early this week, on Tuesday, e27 was back with Echelon Hong Kong Satellite.

More than 200 people were there to watch the 10 startups pitch themselves (against hell and high water) to get a chance to be the most promising startup, and represent Hong Kong at Echelon 2013 in Singapore. After an intense session of pitching and judging, only one would go home with the title of being Hong Kong’s most promising startup. And that was Perpetu, a young startup which has just launched their services four days ago. Perpetu’s pitch was delivered by co-founder Ryanne Lai.

Two years back, Perpetu also won Startup Weekend Hong Kong. In February 2012, they were given a grant of HK$100,000 (US$12,880). This enabled them to develop their products and get reimbursed for professional services under Cyperport’s incubation program. And just last September, they opened the service up to a private beta. At the moment, they have a total of more than 500 registered users.


And what exactly does Perpetu do? Well, it allows users to create their virtual will and rest in peace after they die, knowing their online identities are safe. For example, I could opt to customize my last tweet, status update or email auto-responder so that if I pass away, others could be notified. Working on a freemium model, which premium accounts are currently given out free for early adopters, it can be linked to users’ Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Github account. Github? Isn’t that an open source community for coders? Well, as explained by Andrea Livotto, co-founder of Perpetu, after a coder passes away, their code stored in Perpetu can be shared with other coders.

They also have plans to integrate with Dropbox and Flickr. Sounds normal? Well, Andrea shared they are also thinking of approaching offline service providers like lawyers and insurance companies to give their users an even more rounded experience.

Image Credit: Twitter account @bencrox, StartupsHK