As the two day-long Echelon Asia Summit 2019 draws to a close, the 10 finalists selected from the Top 100 startups in Southeast Asia will pitch for the championship title before an expert panel of judges at 04:00 pm in Singapore today.

The top two winners will receive S$50,000 each in grants from Enterprise SG. The title winner —  TOP100 Champion –will also be awarded with a “Unicorn” chalice made by SIEGE.

Other TOP100 finalists will also receive mini chalices made by SIEGE.

Below is a brief of the 10 startups:

BeamAndGo (Philippines): BeamAndGo caters to needs and solves the remittance pain of overseas Filipino workers. A payment and digital marketplace, the startup empowers migrant workers by giving them control over how their remittances are spent by their families.

DRVR (Thailand): Headquartered in Bangkok, DRVR provides a fleet intelligence platform for the logistics industry. Its fleet intelligence platform helps businesses reduce the cost of operating vehicles. The firm uses telematics that allows devices to send and receive information across large distances to track vehicle performance, driver behaviour, unscheduled stops, etc.

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Ecomobi (Singapore): It is a social selling platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Ecomobi seeks help e-commerce companies direct sales towards social networks. Its algorithm allows social influencers to monetise their traffic via access to e-commerce inventories and connect with brands instantaneously, optimising both cost-per-acquisition and revenue.

GLife Tech (Singapore): A farm-to-fork platform, GLife connects farmers with restaurants, ensuring that their produces move through the supply chain efficiently.

JupViec (Vietnam): The startup aims to change the traditional domestic workers industry in the country by connecting domestic workers with customers online. It aims to create social impacts by improving the life of Vietnamese women.

Lizuna (Japan): It serves to help e-commerce businesses detect and prevent fraudulent orders via its product Beacon, which combines elements of Big Data and SMS to deliver false information detection, curation of mobile data points and fine-tuning.

H3 Dynamics (Singapore): A digital platform that fully automates and simplifies the use of security and industrial asset inspection drone operations, enabled by cutting-edge AI, robotics and energy storage technologies.

Ravenry (Indonesia): An on-demand desk research platform, Ravenry generates actionable insights for your business within 48 hours by combining human, technology, and data. It works with companies by supporting them in commercial due diligence, market analysis, competitor and technology scanning, and leads generation.

Real Estate Doc (Singapore): It is a next-generation software that aims to revolutionise the managing of commercial real estate leasing businesses. Powered by blockchain, its platform claims to facilitate secure, immutable and legally binding transactions between parties using smart contracts.

Toku World (Singapore): It builds a communication platform that enables businesses to interact with their (potential) customers via audio, text and video messaging APIs across all the available channels, regardless of the technologies or systems that they use.