Top 10 Teams

Startupbootcamp Fintech today announced the 10 startups that have been selected to join its 100-day accelerator programme.

While based both in London and Singapore, this is the accelerator’s first foray into Singapore and the Asia Pacific region since its launch in 2014. The accelerator also has active programmes in cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Israel and Istanbul, catered to different verticals like IoT and Smart Tech.

Starting this May, the 10 selected teams will each get US$17,900 in funding, access to four months of free office space at Block 79’s BASH, as well as receive mentorships from more than 100 entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners, including DBS, MasterCard, Infocomm Investments, Route 66 Ventures and SBT Venture Capital.

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The three-month programme will now house a diverse range of teams from Japan to India, working on products and services to scale across the region that include blockchain technologies, financial inclusion and wealth management. Thirty per cent of the startups are already generating revenue and have raised in total of US$1.8 million.

“With 300 applications, it shows that FinTech in Asia is on the rise to tackle local problems with the potential for global scale. We have met close to 200 startups, visited 12 financial hubs across APAC and beyond, so we feel confident that the 10 teams selected showcase the very best that financial services and technology has to offer,” said Startupbootcamp FinTech Global COO Markus Gnirck.

Upon completion of the programme, the 2015 batch will ‘graduate’ at a Demo Day, presenting their ideas to over 200 investors, mentors and partners.

Here’s a quick peek at the 10 teams selected:

The team conducts research and development on how to resolve illegal remittances. Its first launching product, the Super Matrix is a next-generation security system to prevent against illegal access and transaction authentication, man-in-the-middle-attacks. At only one fifth of the cost of conventional security systems, Bankguard’s Super Matrix has already attracted significant attention in Japan.

Bw8 Trading
This startup specialises in wealth management industry by making share trading easy via a social trading network, connecting non-professional investors with expert traders. Once simple analytical tools are used to identify an expert top trader, actions/trades are automatically copied.

Creditseva is an online consumer platform to analyse and manage credit reports and scores. The platform allows users to connect with banks online to obtain best discounted offers to close bad loans and obtain new loan offers based on credit score. Creditseva also helps to improve collections for the banks and get quality leads based on credit data.

This startup is an online and iOS money transfer app that allows users to send money instantly, anywhere in the world, for less than 0.5 per cent in fees, without using the current legacy banking network SWIFT. Through utilising a decentralised global value transfer network, the blockchain Cryptosigma enables its users to turn their laptop or smartphone into a personal banking terminal.

DeBuNe is a secure online environment that lets small and medium businesses collaborate, market, offer and monetise their expertise or products. Using the NTX blockchain, a second generation crypto-platform, DeBuNe does away with limitations imposed by currencies and enables trusted transactions.

Dragon Wealth
Dragon Wealth is the new steroid for wealth managers. It offers a way for wealth managers to increase sales and acquire more investors through an integration-free platform and mobile app. The technology manages investor communication and marketing, tailoring it to an investor’s portfolio and interests, and cuts down new client acquisition to a single click.

This startup is an Asia-focussed peer-to-peer mobile payment solution operating through a free and unrestricted network with embedded social media functions. It helps to overcome the inability of young people to exchange cash or credit instantaneously and without restrictions.

KyePot empowers individuals in emerging markets to save, lend and borrow in trusted social groups. Reinventing ROSCA, this mobile platform enables users to create their own social savings group and leverage the power of the group to borrow at a low cost compared to other asset classes. Mobile-centric, transparent and rewards-based, KeyPot promotes a saving culture for consumption.

Otonomos lets users form, fund and govern Blockchain Chartered Company, a company whose shares are coded onto the blockchain and transferable with the same ease as making a Bitcoin payment. This peer-to-peer transfer makes it easy for users to let new investors in or pay key collaborators in equity.

This startup aims to be the biggest education financing platform in Asia. SkolaFund harnesses the combined powers of crowdfunding, scholarships, bursaries and education loans in making education affordable for students across Asia.