Most startup pitches usually involve a panel of judges, a nervous founder and a charismatic emcee. Rarely, is the audience part of the event.

This week, e27 organised a Pitch & Switch event brought to Singapore by Depa and Block71 which saw 10 startups from Thailand pitching to an audience that then pegged them with questions afterwards.

The startups were a diverse bunch that ranged from event management to ride-sharing as well as online travel and autorepair. Let’s meet the startups!


Zip Event is a data-driven event marketplace with the mission to bring great events to society. The app includes pre-event services, registration, ticketing, kiosks, in-event engagement, Q&A features, analytics and reports.

The startup collects revenue based on size and features requested per event. It has been expanding across Southeast Asia over the last few years and is working to grow 2-3X annually.

Cap Rangers

A part time employment marketplace for students, Cap Rangers wants to provide an alternative for young people to find money-making opportunities in Thailand. In Thailand, most job hunts involve searching all over the internet which can be a waste of time, unreliable and risky.

The product provides job notifications, a work schedule and a time attendance system. There also is a badge collection that helps student show off their personal experience.


Online travel platform providing services for in-bound tourists in Thailand. The RubikTrips pitch talked about the opportunity around medical tourism. The startup wants to solve the problem of people tourists having a hard time navigating the local service providers, because the language barrier makes it hard to find a place to trust.

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The company has more than 30 contracts with local hospitals.


Liluna is ride-sharing platform that connect driver with available seats for people to hitch rides. The platform allows drivers and to create their route and should they be going the same direction, they can hitch a ride.

It is particularly focussing on people with same starting point and same destination, like condos to school or the start/end of a running event.

The company has generated S$82,000 (US$60,000) and does white label for corporates.


This starter kit for small business, RubBUDD wants to help people who are trying to legitimatise their companies. A core customer base would be helping people selling goods on social media grow it into a full SME. The tools include inventory management, a payment system, customer database and auto-management to help make the sales process more efficient.

Kids Up and Kids Up Go

Kids Up and Kids Up Go is a tool to help parents and kids find each other during “critical moments” . Parents notify their child and the school in advanced that they are heading to pick up their kid. The student will see the information about when they will arrive. This allows the student to stay in school safely and when they get picked up, the app tells the parent that it has been completed.

In case of emergency, there is an emergency buzz function and the startup also has a tracking device to help kids keep track of their stuff.

Charges for tracking device, subscription fee and advertising.


Drivemate is a service that connects car owners to rental services. It allows people to book their rental car and have it arrive at their location all good to go. The starup has 100,000 monthly active users and 9,000 cars listed, Started in 2016, the platform has grown more than 10x since the beginning.

It is open in 38 provinces in Thailand and has received funding from 500 TukTuks, UNT (Izuzu) and dtac accelerate.


This fintech startup leverages social trading system with artificial intelligence to help people make better trades. Skynet provides signals to traders and ratings from analysts.


AutoPair is a B2B platform for supply chain management in the repair industry. The marketplace provides a search engines for repair shop and for car owners it has appointment and smart search.

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The startup charges a commission fee, advertorial fee and stock management fee. It has partnerships with 102 garages in Bangkok at the moment. Expected 2018 GMV to be US$250,000.

Easy Rice

Easy Rice has built a piece of hardware to help digitalise the rice industry. The machine helps companies quickly and easily measure the quality of the rice. People simply put a handful of rice through the machine and it sorts and analyses each kernel one-by-one.

This helps companies push product to market more quickly at a higher cost efficiency.

Moving forward, the company wants to turn take advantage of its ability to gather data and provide a commodity trading service.