We have seen a gradual eastward shift in the world’s economic centre with Asian tech hubs in hard pursuit to be the top global destination for entrepreneurs.

Taiwan was once Asia’s hardware manufacturing hub, which now finds itself in the pivotal position of competing against fast-growing startup ecosystem in its region with Singapore leading the race.

One of the initiatives to propel the country to newer frontiers, known as Taiwan X Finland Demo Day, is scheduled to be held on December 4, 7:00 PM at the Games Factory in Helsinki.

This event will bring together 12 emerging startups from Taiwan and Finland (7 from Taiwan and 5 from Finland), featuring cutting-edge technologies, ranging from smart devices, to next-gen social job platforms, but not limited to environmental tech.

The Taiwan X Finland Demo Day is made possible through the partnership of two Taiwanese organizations—the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), the Ministry of Economic Affair (MOEA) of Taiwan and the Institute for Information Industry – which co-sponsored the selected startups from Taiwan—and Finland startup hub Maria01.

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It will not only function as a platform to showcase budding products and services from the two great nations, but it will also offer insights on the cultural, economic, and socio-political disparities that nursed these products and services into completion.

More importantly, market insights will also prove to be important realizing that scaling globally is a prominent trend among leading startups. This provides a unique opportunity for the featured startups to understand market dynamics in economy that operates beyond their line of sight.

What the Taiwanese contingent will bring to the table

The Taiwanese startups that will be featured in the first ever Taiwan x Finland Demo Day will encompass a diverse variety of verticals to focus one.

First on the list is 3EGreen, a startup that provides cost-effective and easy-to-install micro sensors that collect data on power usage. In addition to the development of renewable energy that aims to manage electricity by reducing power consumption, they also focus on monitoring power usage for structures with mass deployment through its micro sensors.

In an age where tech supersedes everyday consumer behavior, 3EGreen offers technology that will help isolate the problem on power waste. This is particularly beneficial in a time where energy scarcity is becoming a growing global issue.

On the other hand, the main thrusts of emerging startups TWBIO and ID Water focuses on creating solutions utilising bio-technology.

TWBIO is a next-generation bio-factory that provides a faster, natural, more economical, and more sustainable way to produce bio supplements for farmed Salmon.

The company first product, Astaxanthin, is a super antioxidant that improves the appearance, and therefore, the market value of salmon fish, with more products being developed that are geared towards breeding healthier salmon already within their pipeline.

On the flip side, we have ID Water that uses tech to provide AI + IoT solution through an intelligent system that combines water quality monitoring systems, automatic water paddles, and a feeding machine to help shrimp farmers increase their production.

Their product is capable of detecting ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen and salinity in the water. All the data collected from this is made available in a remote interface that shrimp farmers can access through an app anywhere they want.

The next emerging startup, Meet.jobs, is a social jobsite that focuses on international opportunities and talents. As of today, their platform has been launched in seventeen different countries.

Providing a little light-hearted entertainment into this mix is TaoTaoXi, a fortune-telling app that caters fun and romance to approximately 40 million users worldwide. With these numbers, it is currently the most popular fortune-telling program on the platform.

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In an effort to democratise digital advertising, TenMax Ad tech lab has built an Ad servicing platform which provides multiple rich media Ad templates where users can generate creative Ad formats in just a few seconds.

TenMax is the leading Ad-Tech company in Southeast Asia that provides solutions for full stack real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem.

Rounding up Taiwan’s startup contingent is Accupass, a SaaS event platform for event organisers. Through its AI recognition algorithm to identify attendees and speed up high-resolution photos for re-marketing.

Accupass also uses virtual currency to easily sell tickets online and validate sold e-tickets at the door through a variety of ways (Phone, Pad, QRCone Scanner, etc.) Attendees around the world can register events, pay online in minutes, and obtain entry passes right away.

What does the future hold for these emerging startups?

Most of the startups that will be featured in the Taiwan X Finland Demo Day on December 4 are still in their early stages. This means there is still so much growth we can expect from them.

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For now, we can simply enjoy the energy of optimism surrounding these startups not only because of their voracious efforts to perfect their products and hopefully scale their companies, but also because of the diversity of verticals that these young startup founders are focusing on.

One important thing to note is that a lot of their chosen verticals tackle important matters that require smart and revolutionary solutions—ones that can be provided by these emerging Startups.

Which is why whether you are an investor, a tech geek, or just a curious observer, the Taiwan x Finland Demo Day doors are open for you! Drop by https://maria.io/event/taiwan-x-finland-demo-day/ for more information on how to be a part of the event.


Disclosure: This article is written by the e27 content team, sponsored by Taiwan Startup Stadium