mig33, a social mobile gaming platform, has a new chief marketing officer (CMO), in the person of Chris J. Reed. Chris will be mainly in charge of the re-launching and re-branding of mig33. Prior to joining mig33, Chris was previously the CMO for mobile marketing agency CellCity, Regional Partnerships Director for Partnership Marketing, as well as the General Manager for social media agency One9Ninety.

“mig33 is a leading mobile first social media brand and is extremely popular in developing countries such as Indonesia where mobile number ten times that of PC’s. I am delighted to be in charge of creating greater brand awareness and driving brand engagement both of existing users and the many new users that our marketing and content strategies will attract.” – Chris J Reed.

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mig33 is indeed a company undergoing a high growth rate at this point. Earlier in January, Trendstream’s Global Web Index released a chart on social platform growth in the world. According to the GlobalWebIndex, mig33 is the world’s seventh fastest growing social platform then, outranking the growth of Pinterest. Signs of a growing company? Active hiring. In October last year, mig33 also added serial entrepreneur Andy Zain as their executive director. mig33 is definitely attracting the best talents onboard.

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Featured image credit: Chris J. Reed / LinkedIn