Looking for a simple mobile app to compile your photos in? million moments is built by a team at Sony Digital Network Applications that takes on that old-school scrapbooking feel.

million moments is a photo scrapbooking app, released by Sony Digital Network Applications (SDNA), on 30 May this year for the Android. The iOS version was launched about a week later, on 8 June. Since the public launch, the app has seen over 400,000 downloads across the two platforms and the team behind are expecting to hit half a million downloads by the end of July.

The proposal for the app was first brought forward to SDNA by Aki Iinuma. According to her, SDNA enables employees to work on smaller projects, similar to a startup within the corporation, to come up with new applications that can be published under SDNA. Aki is a mother of two and enjoys taking photographs of her children. She, together with her team, created million moments as a simple and enjoyable way to compile all the precious moments into a digital scrapbook.

Aki Iinuma, one of the people behind million moments. (Credit: million moments Blog)

The app allows you to compile your photos into albums and has a quick categorizing interface that vaguely resembles the Post-it Flags that one would use to mark textbooks during those distant student years. The photos can either be taken through your phone camera or imported from the existing phone photo library or Facebook albums. Aki recently did an interview on SDNA’s blog revealing the story behind million moments.

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