The NICF-Diploma in Infocomm Sales and Marketing is being offered by Lithan Hall Academy, the sister company of Red Dot Ventures, in a bid to provide the local startup ecosystem with the necessary sales and marketing talent. The 12 months part-time course will see the programme candidates being attached to real startups to learn what it is to drive marketing, sales, business development and product management roles within a high-tech startup.

In the lead up to the program, Red Dot Ventures will be running a recruitment drive tomorrow, 6 December, at Blk71 to bring on board startups who are interested to be part of the NICF technopreneurship program. These startups will have the program candidates under the “Placement and Training (PnT)” stream placed with them for a year. The programme objectives are to teach candidates how to:

  • apply venture creation processes to develop new businesses
  • generate an innovative business model and develop growth strategies through product differentiation
  • create go-to-market strategies for infocomm products using social media marketing
  • establish sales channels and internationalization strategies
  • formulate customer relationship management strategies and demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership
  • analyse financial reports and make informed decisions
wda nicf diploma programme outline

The program begins in February, 2013. Startups who are interested to be involved in the program should look out for the Red Dot Ventures’ representatives that will be handing out the program collaterals at Blk71 on 6 December, 2012.

Image credits: SmallFuel