Mountain Partners

Global company builder Mountain Partners today announced the appointment of Jon Santillan as the Managing Partner at its new Philippines operations.

In his new role, Santillan will be responsible in leading company-building activities. He will facilitate roll out and transfer of “successful business models” of the corporate’s portfolio into the Philippines’ market.

Santillan is known as the founder of Dubai-based Searchfuse Technology. He had also spent six years as Digital Marketing SEO Manager at Etihad and two years as SEO Manager at Abu Dhabi Media Company, the government’s official media organisation.

According to Mountain Partners Investment Director Marco Stutz in a press statement, Santillan has been a “reliable partner” for the company for years.

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“He has a proven track record in developing and achieving business goals, and delivering revenues. We believe in his passion and expertise in the field. His depth and techno-preneurship skills present a brilliant start to our expansion goals in the Southeast Asia,” he said.

After our successes in Indonesia and Thailand, as well as recently Malaysia, we are very happy to welcome him on board and launch first projects in the Philippines’ market,” he added.

Mountain Partners is a Switzerland-based company builder. Prior to entering the Philippines, it has set presence in other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and most recently Malaysia, through the acquisition of investment company Qeerad.

It claims to holds more than 80 investments in the sectors e-commerce & web services, digital payments & fintech and technology & security. Recently, in Indonesia, it announced a joint venture with Indosat Ooredoo to form Ideabox Ventures, which started off as an accelerator programme.

It has also reported to be  in talks with ASX-listed Singapore-based VC Fatfish Internet Group to raise AU$12.3 million (US$9.2 million).