Rita Nguyen wanted consumers to go online in Myanmar, which is what propelled her to launch SQUAR, a social networking service in June 2013. She said, “There’s a lot of value in a country like this. But there’s no information about the people.”

Rita Nguyen, Co-founder, SQUAR

Rita Nguyen, Co-founder, SQUAR

Touted as a great product, the service quickly evolved into a holistic package. Now, the community is made up of 250,000 users in Myanmar, between the 19 to 35 age group, with 70 per cent originating from Yangon and 20 per cent from Mandalay. Co-founder Nguyen told e27 in an interview, “We’re more than just a social media (platform).”

She added that the platform’s monthly active users could easily hit 50 per cent consistently.

SQUAR is working on an App Store, with three games slated for release. In that case, SQUAR is similar to chat app LINE, which has an existing plethora of games to boast. LINE had generated US$132 million for the second quarter of 2013 from its games section.

One of its games, True False, was made specifically for Myanmar citizens. She told Myanmar International that the game uses the local language, and helps gamers gain general knowledge through playing.

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“We’re focusing on two to three games every month, and other apps. In Myanmar, there is one indie game developer, but we’re not too keen on its (existing) games. We’re talking to the same about developing and licensing new games,” said Nguyen.

SQUAR’s main office is based in Myanmar, while it has a team of developers in Vietnam. She said that there is a demand for Ruby on Rails developers, which will be pertinent to the company’s technical growth.

Rita Nguyen will be speaking at The Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014, 16 – 18 March 2014, Capella Singapore. Find out more here