Critics all over the world may have panned the film adaptation of Electronic Arts racing video game Need For Speed, but cinema-goers and video game fans all over the world have a different opinion about it.

This is evident in China, as the film grossed US$41,700,000 from its release on March 14 up to March 23, according to Box Office Mojo stats. This was followed by the United Kingdom which grossed US$3,348,126 and Malaysia which grossed US$1,893,386, all within the aforementioned time period. All in all, the total foreign box office total for the film adaptation was US$96,100,000. We can vouch that car culture in China and Malaysia is at an all-time high, so most likely the fancy car product placement in the film has a lot to do with the high earnings.

Factoring in the US box office sales, which is US$30,565,514, this amounts to a worldwide box office total of US$126,665,514. As Need For Speed’s production budget was US$66 million, it’s a no-brainer that the studios involved in the film (Touchstone Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, EA, Bandito Brothers) may be contemplating a sequel since all of them earned back twice the money they’ve put in.

The Need For Speed film stars Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul as a street racer who wants to take revenge on his ex-partner after he was framed by him. Just like the video game franchise, viewers are expected to see lots of illegal street racing and fancy cars involved in said illicit activities. Famed movie critic Richard Roeper said that the film is “like watching someone ELSE play a video game for more than two hours. That gets old real fast.”