Neil Young (yes, that Neil Young) plans to make his dream of bringing in studio-quality music in digital form come true. With his PonoMusic company, he wishes to do so with the company’s new device called the PonoPlayer via Kickstarter crowdfunding (via Computer Audiophile).

The music player sets itself apart from other portable players by bringing in audio fidelity worthy of its price tag: US$399 for a 128GB portable device. The player will use natural-sounding digital filtering from Ayre Acoustics, the most advanced digital-to-analog converter from ESS and “perfectly flat” frequency response that works with all headphones. To sum it up, this is as close as audiophiles will get to a master recording of a song. “It’s about the music, real music,” Young said, “We want to move digital music into the 21st century and PonoMusic does that.”

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As to how it’s used, the device uses a simple touch-screen LCD interface. Additionally, it will store 1000 to 2000 songs and PonoMusic will open up its own digital music store to sell these high-resolution tunes. The Kickstarter page will launch on March 15. So far, there isn’t a date of the player’s release. We do hope that it’s available worldwide for us Southeast Asians to live the dream of hearing the crispiest-sounding version of “Heart of Gold”.